Family Tree Clinic

Trans Hormone Care

We are now accepting new adult hormone patients. We accept adolescent patients 14 and over. We continue to work on expanding our capacity.

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Have general questions? Check out our FAQs.

We approach hormone care from a non-judgmental, holistic perspective, and our providers center their care around respect for individuals and harm reduction.

As a sexual and reproductive health-focused clinic, we also integrate high quality, sex-positive sexual health care into all of the clinical services that our patients receive.

Using an informed consent approach, our trans hormone program is designed to reduce barriers to accessing care and to help build strong connections between our patients and other care providers who are trans-affirming and experienced in working with trans communities.

All of our services are offered on a sliding fee scale.  

We contract with many insurance carriers, including Medical Assistance and MN Care. We also have several certified MNsure navigators who are available in the clinic to help people sign up for insurance if they need it.

Our goal is to provide hormones to people in a way that has as few “hoops to jump through” as possible so that they feel safe, seen, and respected. And also to help connect people to the resources they need to be healthy and well.

We are extremely appreciative to the MN Trans Health Coalition and the Bush Foundation for their support and collaboration on this project.

The leadership and support of the MN Trans Health Coalition has been highly influential in the development of our hormone program.

If you would like to schedule an appointment you can contact the clinic at 612-473-0800.

Have questions? Check out our Trans Hormone Care FAQs!