Family Tree Clinic

Mental Health Resources

Family Tree does not currently provide mental health services but recognizes mental health is an important part of one’s overall health. The following mental health resources are available in the community. Resources on this list have not been vetted by Family Tree. Please use your own judgment in deciding whether or not a particular provider will meet your needs.


Transcend Psychotherapy

Transcend Psychotherapy provides individual, relational, family and group psychotherapy services to all people, with a particular focus on working with transgender and queer-identified members of our community. Located in the Family Tree Clinic building, Transcend is an organization that is dedicated to the de-pathologizing of emotional suffering that is often caused by various forms of systemic oppression. Learn more on their website at

Walk-In Counseling

Walk-In provides counseling services that are completely free and anonymous, with no appointment needed. All of their professional counselors volunteer their time. During COVID all appointments are held on Zoom. Counseling sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long. You may remain anonymous if you wish.  Learn more on their website:

Rainbow Health

Rainbow Health offers mental, chemical, and sexual health services for LGBTQ+ people, people living with HIV, and folks from communities that historically and currently face barriers to behavioral health support, with individual, group, couple, and family therapy available. Learn more on their website:

Edges Wellness

Edges Wellness provides couple, individual, relational, and family therapy, gender specialist services across the lifespan, and sex therapy services. Insurance is accepted and sliding scale services are offered. Learn more on their website:


RECLAIM provides sliding scale mental health care to queer and trans youth and their families. Learn more on their website:

LGBTQ+ Therapists Network

A network of therapists from Minnesota’s LGBT+ community.

Therapy Den

A website directory of therapists with the ability to search for trans and queer competent therapists near you

Cedar Hill Therapy

Cedar Hill Therapy offers trauma-informed individual, couples, family, and sex therapy to all people with specializations in serving LGBTQ folks and those in the kink/fetish/BDSM and alternative relationship structure communities. Learn more on their website:


Inclusive Therapists – a website directory of therapists that focuses on culturally responsive, LGBTQ+ affirming, social justice-oriented therapists.

Adult support groups for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people

Youth Support Groups for Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Non-Conforming People

  • Transforming Families Local support groups for trans youth and their families/parents/caregivers. Both online and in person currently offered. Look on their website for locations, dates/times. Email for more information or online group access.
  • Teen Tigerrs – Social support group for trans/intersex/gender-expansive teens ages 13-19 that meets Sundays from 12:30-3pm online. Email for more information
  • Reclaim! Youth Gender Exploration Group (ages 12-18)
    • Youth Gender Exploration Group (ages 12-18) Therapeutic support group for trans and gender expansive high schoolers to support identity development, community connection, and improved well-being. Meets every Wednesday from 4:15-6pm online.In person and virtual group offerings. Many insurances accepted or sliding fee available. Email or call 612-235-6743 x4.
  • Reclaim! Monthly Caregiver Drop-In Group
    • Monthly drop in space for adults to ask questions or get information about supporting queer or trans youth and meet other families on a similar journey. First group held Wednesday July 20th from 5:30-7pm at Reclaim office. $20 fee (sliding fee available) and RSVP preferred. Email or call 612-235-6743 x4.
  • Reclaim! Caregiver Group: Understanding Our Identity Journey
    • 12-week education group for supportive parents, caregivers, and family members of queer and trans youth. Requires advanced registration and includes a $300 fee (sliding fee available). First cycle begins September 2022. Email or call 612-235-6743 x4.
  • Sentier Psychotherapy – Teen LGBTQ Support Group
    • Teen LGBTQ Support group (ages 14-17) offered multiple times a year. Look on their website ( for upcoming start dates/times. $40/session, sliding fee available, or superbill to submit to insurance. Contact Megan Sigmon ( or Ashley Groshek ( for more information or to schedule intake.
  • Sentier Psychotherapy – Middle School LGBTQ Support Group
    • Middle School LGBTQ support group (grades 6-8) offered multiple times a year.  Look on their website ( for upcoming start dates/times. $40/session, sliding fee available, or superbill to submit to insurance. Contact Elin Amundson at / 763-913-8261 for more information or to schedule an intake.
  • Gender Spectrum 
    • Nation wide online support groups for pre-teens, teens, and parents. Find more information and register online at
  • Sentier Psychotherapy – Support Group for Parents of Trans/Non-binary Teens
    • Therapeautic support group for parents and guardians who have transgender and/or non-binary children in middle or high school. Offered quarterly and meets every other Monday from 5-6:30pm online. $40 per session, sliding fee available, or superbill to submit to insurance. Look on their website ( for upcoming start dates and contact Ellie ( to register.