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Community Engagement

Join us! Family Tree Clinic offers parent classes

It’s That Easy!

It’s That Easy sessions equip parents with practical tools to support healthy conversations with kids about sexuality. Make connections with other parents, get free books for your kids, and receive a gift card for participating!

Listening Sessions

Listening and being responsive to community needs has been a core value of Family Tree’s since its opening in 1971.

With support from an Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative Grant at the MN Department of Health, we looked critically at how and who we have been missing; naming that intersectional Black communities experience health disparities not because of identities, but rather systems. Rooting ourselves in the knowledge that complex and historical systems of oppression are the main barriers for accessing health care by socially marginalized communities, helps us clear pathways for people to access health care.

We want to be ready for when people land, so we must listen to the expectations and stories from the people to guide us.

The following are the key points and recommended action areas coming out of listening session interviews turned into a zine for your viewing pleasure. If you represent a clinic/service agency, we invite you to consider adopting these recommendations as well.  If you participated in a listening session – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

More to come on how Family Tree actually incorporates listening session themes into action!