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*Pro-tip: When applying for jobs at Family Tree, or anywhere really, don’t assume one’s gender based on their name. It’s cool to address cover letters by first name only. Or use Mx. if you want to get formal.

Sexual Violence Prevention Community Health Educator

Job Summary. Family Tree Clinic seeks a Sexual Violence Prevention Community Educator with a strong passion for sexual health education and a commitment to social and reproductive justice. The Sexual Violence Prevention Community Educator is a key team member and will work to further our mission, vision, and values through providing healthy relationship and healthy sexuality presentations with a focus on serving middle and high school youth, with a special focus on LGBTQ and IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Color) identified folks. The Sexual Violence Prevention Community Educator will also work to build relationships and influence policy (in a variety of contexts) that will lead toward meaningful, sustainable culture change. This educator will work in settings such as: schools, GSAs, correctional facilities, chemical dependency treatment centers, alternative learning centers, shelter and transitional housing programs, parent groups, and LGBTQ youth groups. Presentation topics will include: healthy relationships, coercion and consent, online safety, sexual orientation and gender identity, undoing gender stereotypes, communication and negotiation skills, anatomy, pregnancy/STI/HIV prevention, and additional topics as needed. Lessons are drawn primarily from the FLASH curriculum. For a complete description of the position, please visit the job posting on the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits website.


Job Summary. The Health Educator to the DDBHH is a passionate sexual and reproductive health educator and community engagement advocate with excellent proficiency with ASL and cultural competency working with Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Late Deafened and Hard of Hearing community. This person is responsible for providing one to one and group setting education, advocacy, outreach, referrals and non-directive counseling to the DDBDDLDHH community on parenting as it relates to child sexual development and parent-child communication, as well as a variety of other sexual health topics. The Health Educator is a key team member working to further Family Tree’s mission, vision, and values through building partnerships with community organizations and providing presentations on healthy sexuality with diverse groups of DDBDDLDHH adults and youth in various settings. For a complete description of the position, please visit the job posting on the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits website.

PerDiem Provider

Family Tree is excited to be in a stage of growth and transformation in our clinic, including in our excellent clinical care within LGBTQ communities and reproductive and sexual health care.  We welcome resumes and letters of interest from APRNs and Physician Assistants, as well as family practice physicians, who would like to learn more about possible opportunities to join our practice now or in the future.  In particular we are seeking to have conversations with providers who have clinical experience in gender affirming hormone care, sexual health care and community-based primary care.  Family Tree Clinic is committed to building and maintaining a representational staff reflective of the communities we serve. People of color and Trans, Non-Binary, and/or LGBQIA2+ identified individuals are strongly encouraged to inquire.