Family Tree Clinic

Trans Hormone Care FAQs

Got questions? We have answers.

Are you currently taking new patients?

Based on scheduling, it’s best to call and ask. 612-473-0800

Am I guaranteed to get hormones if I come to Family Tree Clinic?

No. Before being prescribed hormones we have to make sure that you are able to give informed consent, and also that hormones are safe for your body and your health.

If you and your provider find that you have any health conditions or concerns that require attention before you can start on hormones, they will help connect you with a primary care provider or specialist that would be a good fit for you. In some cases we may refer you to another hormone provider if we feel we can’t meet your needs.

What is informed consent?

“Informed consent” means that a person has the cognitive ability to make a decision, and also that they have been presented with all of the information and knowledge they need to make that decision.

We are very committed to providing our patients will lots of education and information about the various risks, benefits, and effects of hormones so that they can make the best decisions about their own bodies and health care.

We also trust that you know your body better than anyone.  We fiercely acknowledge that trans, genderqueer, and non-binary gender identities are not a mental illness or a disorder.

What if I have already taken hormones?

Great! We’d love to help you continue taking hormones. You can contact the clinic to make an appointment. Please have your medical records from any previous hormone providers sent to Family Tree before your first appointment. A medical records release form can be found here. Please bring any hormone medications you are currently taking with you to your first appointment as well.

Do I have to go to therapy to get hormones?

No. We encourage all of our patients to seek support and therapy during their transition journeys, but we also respect that not everyone wants to or needs to. We do not think that being trans, genderqueer, or non-binary is a mental illness.

Yet, we also understand that gender identities and transitions can be complicated and hard sometimes. We want you to have the support you need to be healthy and feel well, and we have a lot of relationships with great therapists in the community that we can connect you with if you’re interested.

Do you have any mental health providers on-site?

Family Tree Clinic does not currently offer mental health services, but we do have a list of community mental health resources.

I’m non-binary. Will my identity be respected?

Totally! We get that gender doesn’t exist on a binary for lots and lots of people, and that not everyone who is trans-identified has the same vision or goals for their bodies or their transition. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to hormone care.

Our providers will talk with you about your identity and the hopes you have for taking hormones, and personalize your care plan to help meet your needs as much as possible.

Sometimes a medical records system, and other medical systems from other places, may enforce binary categories.  If and when that arises, we will do our best to be transparent and open with you about what is happening.

We also would love to hear about your experience here. We work hard to train all of our staff, yet there’s still potential for mess ups.  If that happens we want to know, in a way that feels safe to you, so we can address it and take corrective action quickly.

How is Family Tree Clinic different than other clinics that provide hormones?

We see ourselves as being different in a lot of ways. We offer hormone care using an informed consent model, which isn’t the case for most providers in our community.

All of our services are on a sliding fee scale, and we can also help you get insurance if you need it. And our care is intersectional! We pay attention to all of the parts of YOU that affect your health and your experience of accessing health care services.

Lastly, we think you are awesome and beautiful and we want you to know it.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to schedule an appointment to get started on hormones you can call the clinic at 612-473-0800.

How much will this cost?

It depends. For people who don’t have any insurance, we have a sliding fee scale that is based on your reported income. Our goal is to make hormone care as affordable as possible.

For people who have insurance, it will depend on what kind of plan and deductible you have and how much of your care they will cover. When you come in for your visit we can answer many of your questions about insurance coverage or put you in touch with one of our excellent Billing Specialists.

I am under 18. Can I still be seen?

If you are under 18 you will need to bring a parent or legal guardian with you to your first appointment as required by law. To schedule an appointment, please contact the clinic.

Can someone come with me to my appointment?

Yes, and in order to provide high quality, comprehensive and confidential care, it is our policy to see each patient alone for a portion of their visit. Patients are roomed by themselves and meet alone with the clinician or patient educator at the beginning of the visit. Once this process is complete, you can request to have your companion escorted to the exam room to join you.