Family Tree Clinic

Presentations Offered


School Presentations

(Available out of school as well)

Puberty and Anatomy

4th – 6th Grades

With the help of illustrations from age appropriate puberty books, students will:


Pregnancy Prevention

6th Grade and Up

With the help of an interactive activity and hands-on samples, students will be able to:

(This presentation includes a condom


Sexually Transmitted Infections

6th Grade and Up

(This presentation includes a condom demonstration)

Out of School Presentations

 (All School Presentations available out of school  as well)


Healthy Relationships

10 years – Adult

Through large and small group discussion, students will:


SHARP (Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention)

13-18 Years

SHARP is an intensive, interactive single session intervention lasting 3 hours (can be broken up into two 1.5-hour sessions). It incorporates videos, lecture, condom use demonstrations, group discussions and activities, a computer game, goal setting, and a student workbook. SHARP is intended for youth that are likely engaging in alcohol use and/or “risky” sexual situations. Overall objectives for the program are:

Adult and Professional Presentations

Parents Are Sexuality Educators (PASE)

Through individual reflection and large group discussion, parents will:


When Sex Comes Up: How to Talk to Kids About Sex in Professional Settings

During this interactive presentation, participants will:


Sex Positive Sex Ed: What, Why, and How

Through an interactive presentation and small group activities, participants will:



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