Family Tree Clinic

Presentations Offered


Presentations for Young People

All of our presentations are designed to fit into one hour and can be adjusted based on class period or group meeting length.

Puberty and Anatomy

4th – 6th Grades

With the help of illustrations from age appropriate puberty books, students will:


Pregnancy Prevention

6th Grade and Up

With the help of an interactive activity and hands-on samples, students will be able to:

(This presentation includes a condom demonstration)


Sexually Transmitted Infections

6th Grade and Up

(This presentation includes a condom demonstration)


Healthy Relationships

10 years – Adult

Through large and small group discussion, students will:


SHARP (Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention)

13-18 Years

SHARP is an intensive, interactive single session intervention lasting 3 hours (can be broken up into two 1.5-hour sessions). It incorporates videos, lecture, condom use demonstrations, group discussions and activities, a computer game, goal setting, and a student workbook. SHARP is intended for youth that are likely engaging in alcohol use and/or “risky” sexual situations. Overall objectives for the program are:

Adult and Professional Presentations

Parents Are Sexuality Educators (PASE)

Through individual reflection and large group discussion, parents will:


When Sex Comes Up: How to Talk to Kids About Sex in Professional Settings

During this interactive presentation, participants will:


Sex Positive Sex Ed: What, Why, and How

Through an interactive presentation and small group activities, participants will:



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