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Thank you for your interest in having Family Tree Clinic educators visit your organization or school. Please fill out the form below and hit submit. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your presentation topic, time, and date.

For detailed information about our education services see our presentation descriptions and meet our educators.

Each presentation costs an average of $100. We ask for a payment of $75 per class to help offset these costs. However, payment in any amount is welcome, and we will present regardless of ability to pay.

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*Please note: Each presentation requires approximately one hour. Family Tree Clinic has three educators. Each educator can provide up to four (4) presentations per day.

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School Presentations
Puberty and AnatomyPregnancy PreventionSexually Transmitted InfectionsSHARP (3 hour session)

Community Presentations
Puberty and AnatomyPregnancy PreventionSexually Transmitted InfectionsHealthy RelationshipsSHARP (3 hour session)

Adult and Professional Presentations
Parents Are Sexuality Educators (PASE)When Sex Comes Up: How to Talk With Kids About Sex in a Professional SettingSex Positive Sex Ed: What, Why, and How

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No PreferenceLindseyTatumKatie

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