Family Tree Clinic

Board of Directors Diversity Statement

The Family Tree Clinic Board of Directors respects and values the diversity of all its patients, staff, and Board members. The Board of Directors defines diversity as individuality. This individuality includes a wide spectrum of attributes, such as personal style, age, race, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, language, physical ability, religious affiliation, family, citizenship status, socio-economic circumstances, education, political affiliation, and life experience.

A diverse Board of Directors creates an inclusive environment in which a full range of ideas and information can be exchanged, leading to fuller and richer Board decisions that will best serve the clinic and its patients. A diverse Board of Directors makes good business sense and will help ensure the on-going and future growth and success of the Family Tree Clinic.

The ability of the Board of Directors to know its patients depends on the Board members’ understanding the diverse communities that the clinic serves. To be most successful, the Family Tree Clinic must fully integrate diversity into the clinic’s culture and standard practices and processes and this will be facilitated by a diverse Board of Directors.