Family Tree Clinic

New Executive Director: Annie Van Avery

Introducing Family Tree Clinic’s New Executive Director

Family Tree is thrilled to announce that Annie Van Avery is our Executive Director as of May 16, 2022.


Annie Van Avery brings an extensive track record of collaborative leadership in the nonprofit sector, having successfully stabilized and grown each organization she has been a part of by listening to and engaging the strengths of the team. Annie brings a deep understanding of the communities Family Tree Clinic serves, and extensive experience as a co-creator of strategies, sustainable practices, and innovative solutions to support this next chapter for Family Tree Clinic. For more information about her career, please download Annie Van Avery’s CV here.


Annie began her journey to Family Tree in the 1980s around the age of 5, when her father came out. It was the height of the AIDS crisis and a time when very few LGBTQ families were visible. There was a great deal of pressure to present as a nuclear family and any other family structures at that time were considered “alternative.” It was in this context, as a child, that Annie recognized the power of affirming spaces and the impact when those spaces do not exist. This understanding grew and continued through her professional and personal life experiences, from Annie’s leadership work to her own family formation. 

“With gratitude to Alissa Light and decades of expert staff members, Family Tree Clinic is a beacon of safety, acceptance, and light in the pursuit of affirming healthcare and education. In many ways the mission has never been as important as it is today. I am committed to stewarding the organization’s exceptional programs and services — Family Tree will continue to champion radically inclusive healthcare, advocacy, and education. I am thrilled to join the exceptional staff and board in co-creating the next chapter for Family Tree Clinic.”


Alissa Light began discussing a thoughtful executive transition with Family Tree’s Board of Directors in 2019. In 2020 staff and Board participated in feedback and goal setting sessions to determine organizational leadership priorities. Following this process, a Transition Committee was formed with Board members, staff members and a community representative. In 2021 the Board of Directors retained the services of DRG Talent Advisory Group, an executive search firm located in New York CIty, who then began a national search in October 2021. In April 2022, the Transition Committee recommended and the Board of Directors extended an offer to Annie Van Avery. Annie accepted the position, beginning in mid-May 2022.


Download Annie Van Avery’s resume | Download the press release announcement