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According to the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, 33% of survey respondents in Minnesota reported living in poverty…almost three time the national average. Thirty-one percent of the respondents had experienced homelessness in their lives and 10% in the last year.

This lack of financial security has led to 27% of respondents not accessing medical care due to inability to pay.

Insurance is not always helpful. A quarter of respondents reported problems with their insurance covering transgender related medical care. The 2017 Voices of Health survey (conducted by JustUs) found that almost half of respondents reported cost was a barrier to accessing health, even if they had insurance.

The We Are Family Fund exists to fight these health disparities experienced by LGBTQ people with an understanding that trans and other gender expansive people, youth, people of color, immigrants, people living with disabilities, and people experiencing homelessness face some of the largest disparities.

How to Apply

When an individual applies for We Are Family Fund their health care costs at Family Tree Clinic will be offset. Patients will be able to apply for the fund when they set up a payment plan with Family Tree Clinic.

All self-identifying LGBTQIA people would be eligible to apply for the fund. After deciding on whatever a meaningful monthly payment amount that they would actually be able to pay (if any), the fund would cover the remainder so that the bill is paid off in a year. Other optional services such as insurance navigation and referrals to no cost financial planning will be offered as well to help ensure ongoing access to health and wellness care, housing and food security, and general wellbeing.

If you’re a current Family Tree Clinic patient, identify as a member of the LGBTQIA community, and would like to learn more or apply, please contact our billing department at

How to Support the Fund

You may donate to the fund via the link below. Simply designate your donation as We Are Family Fund by entering it the tribute section of the donate form. If you have any questions about giving, please contact our Grant Manager, John Anderson at




We would also like to thank the following organizations for supporting this effort. If you, your organization, or business would like to help raise much needed funds to offset health care costs for members of the LGBTQIA community,  please contact our Director of Advancement at the email above. Thank you!

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