Family Tree Clinic

Listening Sessions

This is your clinic.

What do you want your health care support to look like? What types of services should be included in your health care? What’s missing? What’s good?

Our Community Engagement department is seeking people who are queer, non-gender conforming, people of color, and/or trans to share, dream, visualize what makes positive and affirming health care. This will be the entry to a journey of shifting within the clinic to better meet the needs of our community. We need your voice!! We’d love to have patients participate, and happy to include non-patients as well.

All participants will receive gift cards, substantial food, snacks, and absolutely all transparent communication during this process. We’ll even have door prizes for attending!

Two levels of commitment:

Planning committee – Meet twice, before and after listening sessions. Group consists of 5-7 critical thinkers and dreamers to develop questions and clarify goals.

Listening sessions – One time 1.5 hour session of open-ended questions, documented via audio and with scribe, with the purpose of influencing clinic practice and policy in the future.

Connect with Jacki if you’re down!