Family Tree Clinic

Community Educators

Family Tree Clinic’s community education department provides healthy sexuality presentations that are dynamic, fun, and inclusive. We can provide presentations in schools and community settings, and we only provide information that is medically accurate and age-appropriate.  

Paige Beto

Sex Educator
Paige is a sex educator at Family Tree Clinic and she is very passionate about making comprehensive sex education and healthcare accessible for people of all sexualities, genders, and ethnicities. Since graduating, Paige has worked in early childhood education and in mental healthcare and currently volunteers with a local pet rescue. In her free time, Paige mostly just likes to vibe and craft. Paige is excited to teach so make the best and most informed decisions for themselves and their bodies.

Taylor Chambers

Juvenile Justice Sex Educator
Taylor Chambers is the Juvenile Justice Sex Educator at Family Tree Clinic. Taylor is passionate about prison abolition and creating equitable communities. In their work, Taylor is constantly amazed by the young people they serve, and their capacity to push up against boundaries. They inspire Taylor to push back against systems and structures that would render us invisible rather than make things just and fair. During their free time you can find Taylor cooking/baking, adding too many books to their to-be-read list, learning how to bartend, and doing arts and crafts.

Chandler Daily

Community Health Educator
Chandler is a sex educator who learned everything he knows from the powerful legacies of queer public sexual culture and the DIY ethos of trans people everywhere. Before coming to Family Tree Clinic, Chandler has worked as a stage manager, sexual health sales associate, performance curator, and artist. He's currently getting his kicks learning the names of his non-human neighbors living around the Mississippi River. Chandler is working towards a future in which all of our sexualities can be fonts of inner resource, joy and connection with the wide world.

Lindsey Hoskins

Health Education Director
Lindsey has been a Sex Educator since 1999 and has worked in the Community Education department at Family Tree Clinic since 2002. As a student at the University of MN, she designed a Sexuality Education degree in the areas of Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies, and Public Health. Lindsey loves working with youth and adult groups, and is passionate about helping people understand accurate information and feel more comfortable when they talk about sexuality. Lindsey plans to be a sex educator for the rest of her life.

Jadea Luceni

Sex Educator
While in this role Jadea hopes to change stigma and assumptions about sexual health and wellness. They hope to do this by facilitating conversations that are centered around facts and acceptance when discussing sexual wellness or health. They also hope to empower youth to speak out and advocate for change within families and communities around how they discuss consent, healthy boundaries, healthy relationships and sexual wellness. Jadea enjoy being creative during free time, she especially loves painting flowers and making collage art or by relaxing and spending some time outside with their dog and partner.

Sawyer Plotz

Sex Educator & Health Mentor
Sawyer's values and goals have always centered on education for social justice. He graduated from the University of WI-La Crosse in 2004 with a degree in Secondary Education and English. Since then, he has worked as a classroom teacher, community organizer, LGBTQ youth program director, and sexual violence prevention educator. Sawyer is passionate about comprehensive sex ed in schools and believes that peer and parent education have the power to build and shape cultures of authenticity, empowerment, and liberation.