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Family Tree Clinic’s community education department provides healthy sexuality presentations that are dynamic, fun, and inclusive. We can provide presentations in schools and community settings, and we only provide information that is medically accurate and age-appropriate.

Lindsey Hoskins
Health Education Director

Lindsey has been a Sex Educator since 1999 and has worked in the Community Education department at Family Tree Clinic since 2002. As a student at the University of MN, she designed a Sexuality Education degree in the areas of Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies, and Public Health. Lindsey loves working with youth and adult groups, and is passionate about helping people understand accurate information and feel more comfortable when they talk about sexuality. Lindsey plans to be a sex educator for the rest of her life.

Tatum Bishop
Community Education Manager
651-272-3561Tatum feels so fortunate to have been providing sexual health education with Family Tree Clinic since 2010. She began working in the sex education field in 2007 as a coordinator for a peer education group at the University of Minnesota; where she graduated with a BA in Sociology in 2009. Tatum’s goal as a sex educator is to help people develop a sense of what sexual health means to them. She works to make the adults and young people she works with feel confident, comfortable and informed.

Katie Robinson
Community Health Educator

Katie’s passion for healing justice has found a home in the Family Tree education department. She graduated from Pitzer College in 2014 with a designed major in Narrative Studies of the African Diaspora, in which she focused on systematic oppression  and stories of liberation they incite. As a sex educator, she hopes to create spaces in which students feel comfortable reflecting on their own beliefs, histories, and relationships. Ultimately, her goal is to equip her students with the information, sex positivity, and alternative narratives about sex and sexuality they need to be healthy and empowered.

Hadija Steen Mills
Community Health Educator & Community Engagement Liaison
651-272-3570Health and reproductive justice have always been at the crux of Hadija’s pursuits. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a tailored degree focused on sexual health and health disparities. She is excited to bring her passion for equity and community experiences to Family Tree Clinic. Hadija hopes to inspire sexual positivity and a community of informed and inspired people.


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