Family Tree Clinic

Trans Health Services

Comfortable, competent, and accessible care

Transgender and gender non-conforming people routinely face discrimination and misunderstanding from health care providers, which prevents many trans people from getting the health care they need. At Family Tree Clinic, we are committed to providing comfortable, competent, and accessible care to our trans and gender non-conforming patients.

We strive to create an environment that is trans-affirming so that our patients feel safe in order to get the care they need. All of our staff members, from the front desk to billing and providers, participate in ongoing trainings about gender identity and transgender-specific health topics. We have a Trans Health Work Group comprised of staff members from every department that provides direct ongoing evaluation and feedback for our clinical services and organizational operations.

Services include:

We accept Medical Assistance, MNcare, and many private insurance plans. All of our services are offered on a sliding fee scale and we have free programs that you may qualify for.

We also partner with All Families Acupuncture

All Families Acupuncture was created with the intent of establishing a space and practice that feels safe, inclusive, and accessible to all members of our community.

As a practitioner, they value compassionate, comprehensive, and cooperative care. Their goal is to meet you wherever you’re at and explore together the ways in which they can best support you to promote wellbeing within your unique body and experience.

Although the majority of their work is with hormone related care and reproductive health, they support and treat anyone looking for respectful and affirming care.