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Peg Labore

Peg Labore

The Peg LaBore Fund was created by a long time donor and friend of The Tree through her family fund called the Noel Foundation to honor the legacy of an incredible woman.

Peg LaBore, who retired in November 2007, served as Family Tree’s Executive Director for over 26 years. Throughout her tenure, Peg worked to ensure affordable, accessible and quality reproductive and sexual health care to the community.

She advocated in support of reproductive health care in the legislature, consistently grew the budget and visibility of the clinic, added Deaf and Hard of Hearing services and fought for comprehensive sex ed in the public schools.

The Peg LaBore Fund will support Family Tree Clinic’s ongoing work to provide comprehensive, evidence-based sexual health education in the public schools, low-cost and accessible sexual health care to the community, and the only health education program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the state. Your support is critical to help us cultivate a healthy community through comprehensive sexual health care and education.

For more information about the  fund or to donate, please contact John Anderson, Development Manager at