Family Tree Clinic

Midwest Trans Health Education Network Focus Groups

Family Tree Clinic is currently in the planning stages of launching our Bush Community Innovation Grant project, the Midwest Trans Health Education Network. This project will expand access to trans-affirming hormone care across the region by training cohorts of providers and staff from clinics throughout the upper Midwest. 

We’re in the process of developing trainings and materials and want to ensure the perspectives, experiences and needs of transgender and gender expansive people are centered in the project. We know it’s important to have this program rooted in the experiences and needs of transgender and gender expansive people. We’re curious – what could it be like to access hormone care closer to home? What would it take to feel comfortable and confident in a provider outside of a metro area? How would you know a provider was going to be able to provide the care you deserve?

Family Tree Clinic is recruiting participants to participate in virtual focus groups or interviews that will happen in January 2023. We’re offering participants $50 gift cards as a thank you for your time, knowledge, and experiences. 

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the google form here

You can reach out to Dylan Flunker at with questions or for help getting signed up.