Family Tree Clinic

Feeling under the weather? We can help!

Perhaps you have bronchitis, the flu, a sinus infection, strep throat, laryngitis, mono, or an ear infection. Either way, we can help. Call us or chat us online to make an appointment. Start feeling better today!

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Looking for some awesome birth control?

Stop in and talk to one of our patient educators about your options. From the pill to IUDs to condoms, we will walk you through all the options to find one that's right for you. No appointment necessary.

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Trans hormone care is here!

Using an informed consent approach, our trans hormone program is designed to reduce barriers to accessing care. We are the only community clinic in MN offering trans hormone care on a sliding fee basis.

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Family Tree Clinic’s mission is to cultivate a healthy community through comprehensive sexual health care and education.

Mon, Wed 8AM - 8:30PM
Tues, Thur 8AM - 5PM
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